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Around 1995, a customer came to my dad’s drink shop and said, “I bought this drink for $ 5.99, but today I found a $ 4.99 discount coupon from you in my inbox. Is it possible to apply for a discount? “I still have the purchase receipt with me.”

“No,” said the salesman. While I was cleaning the lower shelves, I raised my head to be informed.

“Are you serious?” The customer asked with big eyes.

“No, it is not possible,” said the seller. “You have to buy another drink to apply this discount to you.”

“The customer is not coming back,” I told the salesman as the customer was leaving the store.

But I was wrong. The customer returned. He came back a few months later and told us he would not buy from our store anymore.

This is part of Gary Wienerchak’s memoir, written in Thanksgiving Economics. Gary and I share the feeling that any ambiguity between the business and the customer can greatly damage their relationship.

The ” Twitter traffic Guide ” is not just about brand activity on Twitter (as a platform for direct communication with the customer), but also an effective guide for repairing the ambiguities created for the customer and building deeper relationships with him.

The information and suggestions provided are the results of several training courses on Twitter marketing, along with my personal experience as an admin and producer of Twitter content, one of the companies in the field of start-ups. I hope you find this information useful.

Twitter Overview

Twitter is a social space where you can post and work with 280-word texts.

Note: The Twitter space is designed in such a way that every user has a high impact potential, regardless of the number of followers and followers. Therefore, all users present in this space should be considered.

Twitter Admin Account

The brand’s Twitter page works more than the brand’s public relations department. Therefore, the admin of the brand Twitter account must:

  • Have enough information about the brand’s activities, as it may operate as a public relations department in certain circumstances.
  • Be patient and patient.
  • And have a sense of empathy and compassion.

Brand special points on Twitter


Today, almost all science and information is accessible and usable, and the competitive environment for brands and collections has become more difficult. However, one of the best competitive advantages for any brand can be its brand value. Read in the media blog:   How to improve the Alexa rank of your website?

Lack of unreasonable brand advertising

Audiences are very aware of the trading behaviors of brands and this behavior reduces their trust in the brand. The audience must feel that they are friends before the customer is a brand. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid unreasonable advertising.

Attention to all contacts

Every negative opinion and vote of an audience influences the opinion of more than 11 other people. Therefore, avoid ignoring them. It is even suggested that you pay more attention to the brand by paying more attention to these issues.

How to interact with users on Twitter

Here are four key pointers in moving your brand forward:

  1. The priority is not to introduce the brand But a friend with contacts is

It is true that the goal of any business is to be seen and increase its brand awareness on Twitter. But this goal should not be in the mind of the Twitter admin because it damages the way he communicates with the brand audience. To improve this perspective, friendship with the audience should be a priority. Friendship, of course, means respect, kindness, value, and help in every possible and relevant field. Introducing the brand as a by-product of this interaction occurs.

  1. Interact with mentioning the brand name

All users who take their brand name, brand products, and services or related content, provide a good opportunity for brand interaction and visibility (PR).

  1. Get ready for long conversation

Twitter is like a two-way chat. So be prepared for long conversations and interactions. Also keep in mind that the history of these conversations will be visible to all Twitter users and, like an interview, is an important branding for you.

  1. No distinction between users

The number of followers of a user should not affect how the brand responds and interacts. On Twitter, every user has a voice, and if repeated inappropriate or neglected treatment is repeated, the likelihood of declining brand value and voice increases in the eyes of the audience.

Convenient tools for easier Twitter management

  • Hashtagify

Hashtagifa is a good tool with which to find related hashtags and their statistics.

  • TrendsMap

The Trends Map website is a great place to watch trending hashtags in every region.

  • TweetDeck

The tweet deck is designed by Twitter itself, which provides the ability to view multiple sections simultaneously. This tool is very useful for observing different events and topics at the same time.

Content of conversations on Twitter

Based on the experience of Twitter experts and the prevailing atmosphere, it is recommended to use hashtags and rich images in necessary situations.

  • Using one to two hashtags in tweets increases its chances of being found.
  • Gifs and meme images that are well-embedded in the Twitter culture can also be good options for interacting with your audience.

Brand support on Twitter

The brand’s Twitter admin also has the task of supporting the brand, because the brand’s public audience sees all brand personnel with one eye and expects support from them. In this case, the page admin should be prepared for such issues and be familiar with the following:

Complaints and grievances Instead of contacting support directly, users usually report their complaints or problems on Twitter. By monitoring the tweets in which the brand name is mentioned, these conversations can be found and the necessary investigation can be done as soon as possible. Such behavior will gain the trust of contacts and Twitter users.

Basic user needs

The basic need of the user is to be understood. It is therefore advisable to reassure him that his needs and grievances have been heard and understood before taking direct action to resolve his problem.

Initial collision

Complainant users should be treated gently, and before referring to support, they should feel that you are responsible for following up on their problem.

The user must feel that wherever he needs the brand, he can access it and deliver his voice directly to the whole collection. Addressing this need creates high trust in brand audiences.

User comments

All members of the company in the user’s mind are one brand and one person. So if a problem arises from one of the members of the collection in the eyes of the user, the brand is to blame. So in such a situation, try to take responsibility for the problem, apologize to the user, and fix the problem immediately.

Brand competitors on Twitter

In the case of brand competitors, it is necessary to observe professional and appropriate brand behavior. Therefore:

  • Remember competitors with respect and a sense of altruism.
  • If the customer service was not provided by your brand but was offered by another brand or even a competitor, do not avoid introducing it. Such behavior shows the honesty of the brand in practice.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences on this subject with me.

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