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How to Write Content for a Website in Golden Steps

When it comes to site content, the first thing that comes to your mind is to put a lot of articles and content on the site. You will have the content of the site. Content is one of the most important pillars of your site and internet business, which you should be obsessively and carefully looking to produce. The content placed on the site reflects the identity of that site and determines its value from both Google and your audience. In order for you to be able to produce useful and SEO content, you need to pay attention to the points and factors that we will share with you in this article.

What is the content of the website and what does it matter?

First of all, I can boldly say that content is the most important part of a website, and if we want to segment a website in terms of the importance of its various sections, the content section is about 90% of the importance and the remaining 10% is the required platform. Dedicated to inserting content!

You may be wondering how such a thing is possible? You certainly know a lot of sites that do not have a lot of content and are related to companies or important people, but I have to tell you here that if you look at the same websites as a quality site, you will find that they will never have a good return.

Before we go into the factors and strategies for producing principled and appropriate content, we need to know why the content placed on the site is so important?

To help you understand the importance of good content for your site, we will give you a simple example. If we consider our site as a machine, the content for it will be similar to its internal engine. Your car may have a beautiful body or be technically strong, but if the car engine does not work well, the car will not move at all!

Therefore, one of the most important factors in the success of any site is the production of appropriate content for it. If you have an internet business, if the content on the site is not optimized, the search engines will not find your site and you will not be able to sell as you should.

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  • Also, if your content does not provide users with useful and useful information, you will lose your audience in a short time. Google will easily realize this and will assign a lower position in your views to your site. So in order to succeed in today’s digital world, do not underestimate the importance of relevant and SEO content.

The content of the site reflects the identity of your website and according to it, the value of your website is determined.

The content of a website includes all the content that you put in your website in different formats, such as articles and specialized news or audio and video multimedia files that all make up the content of your website.

This is the most important part that your audience and search engines also care about, and if you can produce custom content, you will grow very quickly among your audience and search engines.

Therefore, it can be said that the content production section is the most important thing that should be done on your website, so before you start producing it, you should be aware of the principles and how to produce standard content and know-how to create content that the audience first Have fun viewing it and make it profitable for it, and then search engines will recognize it as standard and proprietary content and display it to users in search results.

The importance of content production

Once we understand the importance of content production, we want to know how professional and principled content should be written and what features it should have.

The content produced must follow a specific strategy

When you write content, the first step is to know exactly what you are looking for and what your strategy is for it. If you think that content production is writing an article with a row of keywords, you are wrong. These days, many people are involved in the production of marketing content and offer you different strategies.

Do you need to know that your goal is to encourage your audience to buy? Do you want to encourage them to enroll in a course? Are you looking for your site to be creative and innovative? Looking for the latest information? In the beginning, define your goal for content production and choose the appropriate strategies.

Written content must be spelled and spelled correctly

The content you put on your site should be spelling-free without mistakes. Imagine that you are reading content on a site that is full of spelling mistakes. In this case, you will subconsciously lose your trust in the accuracy and credibility of the site and the content written.

Although there is no specific evidence to prove that Google pays attention to writing issues. But as we know, there are various bots and services in Google that constantly check the type of words and how they are placed in each article. Therefore, observing writing principles and the absence of spelling mistakes can have a significant impact on improving search engine results.

Content must be optimized for main and sub-keywords

Another important point in producing relevant content is optimizing the content for the keyword. Imagine that you are selling leather bags and shoes. Your article should be optimized for this keyword so that search engines understand what your article is about and display it to users in search results. In addition to this keyword, you should also optimize your site for other related keywords. Those looking to buy leather bags and shoes will look for other words like buy handmade leather bags, buy natural leather shoes, buy leather bags online, and other words. So you have to pay attention to these words when producing content.

There are several ways to find related keywords. The simplest method, which is also free, is related keywords that are displayed at the bottom of Google search results. There are many sites that provide you with the words that users are searching for, both for free and for a fee.

Another important point in optimizing content for a keyword is its number. Optimizing an article for a keyword does not mean filling the article with too many of those keywords. If you fill your article more than the basics with the keyword you want, Google will notice that not only will it not give you a positive rating, but it will lower your ranking.

The keyword should also be appropriately dispersed in writing the content. In fact, to optimize the content, you can not, for example, fill in the first paragraph with keywords and no longer use it until the end of the article. The main and relevant keyword should be logically scattered throughout the text and not gathered in one section or paragraph.

Provide comprehensive and sufficient information to your audience

In answer to the question of what content to put on your site, you should seek to provide complete content to the audience that can answer all your questions in the written domain. Look for the latest English and Persian sources in the field of the article you want to write.

Try to write articles that provide useful information to users. An article that can be used as a reference for the audience so that users can come to you for other topics and content. In other words, to write content, before considering yourself and the website, consider your users so that you can provide them with accurate and useful content.

Have a fascinating title

Another important point for writing content is choosing an attractive title for it. Is the title like a showcase of a shop that encourages users to enter your site or not? Try to choose attractive content for the content in which the keyword is also used. When choosing a title for content production, keep in mind that the title should not belong.

Use short paragraphs and subheadings

Another important point in content production is to pay attention to the number and length of paragraphs. If your content is useful and up-to-date, but you write it in a long paragraph without any subheadings, it may seem boring to the reader at first glance and he may not read it at all.

In producing content, try to use up to 5 linear paragraphs. After every 2 or 3 paragraphs, use a subtitle that divides your content into different sections and is not a one-piece and boring text.

Use different types of content

In this article, we have provided you with important points in writing textual content, but in order for your site to have complete and rich content, in addition to textual content, you must use different content such as photos, videos, podcasts, animations, etc. do.

Using other content in the article will have two benefits for your site. Google values ​​the content in which, in addition to text, image, video, etc., is used and assigns it a higher rank.

Also, using different types of content makes your content more attractive to users and they interact better with it. Textual content without any pictures or videos is usually boring for readers and they do not want to read or finish it.

Backlinks are used

Another important point that helps you a lot in producing relevant and SEO content is the use of backlinks. Backlinks to the site and content are divided into two groups: internal backlinks and external backlinks.

To use external backlinks, you must use ad reporting or advertising content on other sites that are relevant to your domain. By reading the report on other sites, the readers of that site will show interest in your article and will enter your site through backlinks. Google has paid a lot of attention to external backlinks and if you get multiple backlinks from reputable sites, it will value your site and content and will put you in a higher position.

Internal backlinks, as the name implies, relate to internal articles on your site. In producing content, try to mention other related articles that you have published on the site so that if users are also interested in reading it, they can enter the page of that article by clicking on its link.

Content should be written with the right number of words

Another factor to consider when answering the question of what content to put on my site is the number of words in the content. In the new updates of Google algorithms, another factor that is placed by search engines is the number and length of content. If you write a 500-word article on a topic that has more than 2,000 words on it, Google will value longer articles. To write any content, try to make your article at least a thousand words long to be reviewed and evaluated by search engines along with other articles.

Content should help users make decisions

Your content should be written in a way that helps users make decisions. In addition to the fact that the generated content should provide users with useful and new information, it should be able to resolve decision ambiguities in them. If your users are looking to buy, sign up, get advice, or any other action, your content should be able to help them make the right decision.

Headings must be observed in writing the content

Another important factor in producing textual content is the proper use of headings. Headings allow Google to recognize the importance of your subheadings in the text and to identify which subheadings are subsets of other subheadings. Using this factor also has a huge impact on finding your article by search engines. Use keywords to make a better impact in writing headings so that Google can more easily and quickly identify what your content is about and show it to users in their search.

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Ballpoints are used

What content should we use on our site? Content that, in addition to the items mentioned above, also uses a bullet point. Ballpoints also make your text more beautiful and attractive in appearance. It conveys useful and practical information to readers in a few short sentences and will increase the position and credibility of the content from Google’s point of view.

Questions and answers are used in your content

According to new data, content that uses frequently asked questions by users and their answers is more useful and attractive to both Google and users. At the end of content production, you can categorize, write, and answer frequently asked questions and questions that you think users and readers will encounter. Doing so will significantly differentiate your content from similar content available, both to users and to Google.

Content should be understandable and simple

Another important point in answering the question of what content to put on our site is its simplicity and comprehensibility. Considering this largely depends on how specialized the content is. But in general, you should write your content in such a way that the reader can easily understand it and it is not difficult for him to read. Otherwise, just after reading the first few lines, the user will probably leave your site to find better and easier content.

Generate proprietary content

How to find dedicated content production resources?
When you create a website for yourself, you certainly pursue a specific goal by creating it. If you are an expert, you can produce content without resources for a while, but if you want to work in a certain field, you need to get information in that field. Pay and find offline and online content production resources in your area of ​​expertise.

The point here is that you can also use resources published in another language on the web. If you translate an English article and rewrite it in Persian, you will want the original source of that article in America. This will be welcomed by both the audience and the search engines.

Of course, other sources such as magazines and newspapers that publish their content offline can also be very useful for providing the content. You can provide very useful and attractive content for your website by reading various books in your field.

If you have used citation sources and official sites to write your content, you can cite your sources to gain more trust from users. These sources can be newly published articles in the field, it can be domestic or foreign news agencies, it can be authoritative books or any other source. Mentioning resources at the end of the content both affect your audience and can be useful for your SEO.

Generate proprietary content

What are the benefits of producing proprietary content?
Useful and useful content can not only gain the trust of search engines but more importantly, make your audience look at your site as a reference and know that the content they see on your site can not be found anywhere else.

If you have a newsletter on your and produce custom content, your audience will become more confident in the site newsletter, because they know that you are definitely an expert and they want to see your content immediately.

Useful and dedicated content is the most important part of a website and you will never regret it if you spend most of your time on content production.

Content production is one of the most important pillars of a site. If you do not invest in this factor, you will never see success. In this article, we have told you what to look for when writing content and what content to put on your site.

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