What is Niche Marketing? What's up with the Market Corner?

What is niche marketing?

If you are one of those people who are going to start a new activity and enter a new market and you want to introduce your products and services in it, you will undoubtedly face very strong and big competitors in this field. The question is, what strategy can you use to make money without sensitizing big competitors? One way to make money in a new activity that you want to enter is to use a part of the market that the elders in this field have not gone to. This type of activity is called niche marketing.

Niche Marketing or niche marketing means concentrating marketing activities on a small part of the market. The part of the market that large companies and brands have not entered for whatever reason and remain pristine is called a niche market. Companies and firms that base their marketing strategy on these types of markets and meet their needs are called niche marketing. It can be said that niche marketing is a great and practical strategy and opportunity for smaller businesses to be able to offer their services or products to specific customers with low budgets.

The difference between general marketing and corner marketing

As mentioned above, in corner marketing, companies try to define their marketing strategy based on the needs of a particular segment of society. Instead of entering the mass market, these companies choose to focus on one corner of the market. We all know that the needs of the market are innumerable. Companies with in-depth knowledge of their customers can ensure that the product or service they offer is targeted to customers.

Opposite the corner marketing is public marketing. This type of marketing, regardless of a specific segment of society, tries to provide standard services or products to attract more customers. In this type of marketing, the goal is not divided into smaller and separate sections. In this type of marketing, companies will usually focus on high sales volume instead of low-profit margins.

The difference between general marketing and corner marketing

The benefits of niche marketing

Why use niche marketing? The answer to this question is that niche marketing can have many benefits for businesses. The first advantages of corner marketing are the competitive private market. Undoubtedly, fewer companies can compete with you when you decide to offer a particular product or service. The fewer competitors you have, the better and more easily you can offer your goods and services.

Once you have a good understanding of your audience and have chosen a corner of the market to offer goods and services, you will no longer go astray to attract an audience. With full knowledge of your audience, you no longer spend your time and money on platforms where your audience is not present. Since you are dealing with a specific group of people in niche marketing, you can use certain photos, phrases, and words that can easily sit in the heart of your audience. You can simply speak their language and communicate more strongly with them.

High profitability can be another benefit of using niche marketing. Since niche marketing is a less competitive market, therefore, companies and firms that use this strategy can offer their products or services at a high price. Usually, those who operate in these markets offer special and exclusive products and services, so consumers are willing to pay a higher price.

Corner marketing can be useful for when we can categorize our customers based on a particular feature. Customers can be categorized based on features such as geographical location, age, income, etc., and offer your products and services to them based on their tastes and interests. Depending on the target market, you can determine the level of quality web visitors of the product offered, the price of the product, or the method of offering it (including discounted products, wholesalers, etc.).

In general, it can be said that the advantages of using niche marketing include the satisfaction of the target audience, creating a base of loyal customers, opening the door to larger markets, and, of course, superiority over competitors due to the specificity of products or services.

What businesses is niche marketing useful for?

A niche marketing strategy is usually an ideal choice for startups working with specific people in a particular field. Those who are new to the market and can not compete with large and powerful competitors can take advantage of corner marketing. For those who want to make money with low capital, niche marketing can also be a smart choice. Of course, it should be noted that only small companies are not interested in this type of marketing; Sometimes large companies also use this strategy.

One of the most commonly asked questions in niche marketing is under what circumstances do businesses need to use this strategy? If businesses are in one of the following situations, using a niche marketing strategy will improve the business growth process.

1. When the number of competitors in your business is high.

2. When your business market is saturated.

3. When you are a newcomer and do not have much power to compete with strong competitors.

4. When you are strong in your business but you want to be different from your competitors.

What businesses is niche marketing useful for?

How to find a niche marketing audience?

We mentioned earlier that you need to categorize customers based on certain characteristics; There are different divisions for this that you can choose the most appropriate method according to your business. The more accurate you are in finding your target market and the better you know your target market, the more successful you will be.

  • Niche marketing by geographical location: In this category, categorize people according to their location. For example, a taxi request system is designed for a specific area.
  • Demographic marketing based on demographics: One of the parameters that can be placed in certain categories of people can be age, gender, occupation, social class, level of education, income, and …. These parameters are good options so that you can choose your target market among them. For example, we can sell women’s shoes.
  • Niche marketing based on psychology: In the division based on psychology, people can be categorized according to personality traits, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. In this way, you can get to know more and better people. For example, we can design computer games in the style of war.
  • Product-based niche marketing: Another way to use niche marketing is to produce a product. You can create a specific and sometimes unique product and focus on that product. You can offer only one product or service and pay attention to customer orientation and other services. For example, instead of a large flower house with different types of flowers, you can present different types of cacti in different sizes and shapes.
  • Price-based niche marketing: Focus on price in this category. Your product is either ordinary and cheap or very luxurious and special with a high price. In this category, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of product, geographical location, demography, and psychology.

How to find a market corner to offer your services or products?

To be able to present your products or services more visibly, you first need to find the gap that exists in the market to meet the needs of a specific group of customers and fewer people pay attention to it. Of course, you can enter a part of the market that is completely pristine and has not been noticed by anyone, and you are the first to recognize it. Once you have identified your area of ​​activity and your target customers, you can use targeted marketing strategies to get your message across to your customers.

 One simple way to find out what audience your competing businesses offer their products and services to is using Google’s versatile tool. A simple Google search reveals what specific corner of the market your competitors are focusing on. You can use Google’s suggested words to select your target market. When you do a Google search for a word, Google suggests related keywords that are the most searched among users. These keywords suggested by Google can be a good option for selecting the target market in niche marketing.

In addition to Bergoglio, there are many keyword search tools available that can help you. These tools work just like Google’s suggested words, albeit with greater accuracy. Powerful tools in this area include mangools.com and moz.com.

Niche marketing will begin with asking questions to improve ongoing activity. After selecting the target customers, you need to carefully check the answers to the following questions.

  • What do select customers follow on social media?
  • Or what magazine or newspaper do they read?
  • What websites are they interested in?
  • What kind of advertising affects them the most?

By gathering customer information and features, you can start marketing accordingly. Marketing techniques and methods can vary depending on the target market values. Sometimes it is necessary to market imperceptibly and sometimes you need to market clearance.

In general, it can be said that niche marketing can be implemented in 7 stages.

  • First step: find and select specific market segment requirements and meet their unsettled.
  • Second, research the market to determine the size of the market.
  • The third stage: it is necessary to know the feasibility of branding in niche marketing.
  • Step Five: Plan to achieve market
  • Phase VI: it is necessary to run your ideas and activities.
  • Step Seven: You need to constantly monitor the market to identify opportunities and threats and make sure the strategy continues.

How to apply corner marketing?


In general, it can be said that niche marketing, like a powerful fuel, lights up the business engine. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate marketing. Niche marketing is one of the useful digital marketing methods that is a useful and practical option for those who want to enter the business market due to the lack of many competitors, targeting a certain segment of the market, and also the need for low capital. With proper planning as well as proper needs assessment and proper selection of the target market and target customers, you can easily succeed in a niche market

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