Before starting a business, as usual, and in a principled way, we always check our competitors, each of our competitors operates in a certain way on the web, but when we check their website, it is possible. The question for us is what CMS did our competitor use for its website? This question is usually because building a WordPress website is not as easy as we think, and as developers say, choosing a platform is very appropriate and there are several factors to consider when choosing it.

Therefore, after choosing the right CMS for your website like Targetedwebtraffic.com, you should start designing a website for your business using an expert team. It should be noted that there is not always a need for design and high cost for WordPress templates, because, with a simple search on the web, you can find thousands of different templates for your specific website, for which you have to pay a very small fee and very It is cheaper than site design cost. But if you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. be with us.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, meaning a content management system is a piece of software for managing the construction and modification of website content using a graphical user interface. CMS is an ideal tool for website development among users who have less technical skills and therefore do not need experts to launch a website.

How does a CMS work?

Website CMS displays background commands that occur when a user interacts with the site database or configures any content element via the GUI. In general, CMS consists of two parts: CMA (Content Management Program) and CDA (Content Delivery Program). The CMA is the external part that allows the user to work with the website through the GUI, but while the CDA is an internal interface, it monitors and collects the user’s activities on the website.

CMS A website that is installed on a web host, has different sections, including blog posts, content pages, and so on. CMS depends on a variety of templates that are pre-designed and developed to deliver a variety of website content, from pages to blog posts. Finally, it can show the content of your website to the users of your site.

Different types of CMS

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • WordPress (the most popular
  • Squarespace
  • Kinsta
  • Shopify
  • Magento

Site CMS diagnostic tools

There are various tools for detecting the CMS of the site, and you can use these tools to check the CMS of various sites, including competitors’ sites so that you can continue your path more purposefully. The most important tools you can use in this regard are;

1- Built With website

CMS diagnosis

website Built with the most comprehensive and complete CMS diagnostic tool currently available. The Built With tool is very accurate and can examine all the websites in detail and show you the type of CMS and other programs installed on the website. To use this tool, you must enter the URL of the site in the search field of this website and click on the search button. Built With scans all the details of the site in a matter of seconds, the most important options being Analytics, CMS + CND, Widgets, Framework, Host Provider, SSL Certificate, and many more. So this tool can give you different information from the desired websites.

2- What CMS website

CMS diagnosis

Tool What CMSAnother useful tool for displaying CMS information on various websites is that it is categorized among the best tools available. However, it should be noted that this website is also very accurate and its output reports are acceptable. What CMS allows you to check CMS of different sites and output different data, which naturally output information can be very useful in your decision. What CMS tool is currently another tool that you can use in this regard.

3- Wappalyzer extension

CMS diagnosis

If you are looking for a non-web CMS detection tool, you can use the tool WappalyzerUse that in the form of extensions you can download and install for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It should be noted that this tool is the fastest tool for site CMS detection that you can use very simply and easily. But on the other hand, it is not as reliable as other CMS diagnostic tools in this list. Installing the Wappalyzer extension in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers is very easy. After installing this tool on your browser, go to your desired website and then click on the extension to start CMS checks.

4- W3Techs website

CMS diagnosis

For a reliable and comprehensive analysis of the CMS website, W3TechsYou can use this website to see a comprehensive list of tools installed on each website. To use this website, you must first enter it by clicking on the blue link and then enter the URL of the site in question and click on the search icon. Therefore, if you are looking for comprehensive information from the CMS of any website, this tool can display information about domains, programming languages, SSL certificates, server provider, DNS, etc. from any website

5- Netcraft Site Report website

CMS diagnosis

Netcraft Site ReportIt is also a simple tool for identifying CMS that you can use on this website in this regard. It should be noted that Netcraft Site Report is one of the oldest and most well-known tools for CMS detection, most of whose users are old Internet users, and therefore this website can provide a wide range of information. You agree that you can easily use this website and get the information you want.